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Here’s a sneak peek from our upcoming game for iPhone and iPod Touch, ANGEL THY GUARDIAN!

Title screen for Angel Thy Guardian, coming soon to iPhone and iPod Touch from GOATCART gamesFig 1. Title Screen.

The angel must protect the wayward tots from falling miscellania, like trout.Fig 2. Use the angel to protect the wayward children from a miscellany of falling objects.
Like fish. (Of course.)

You'll be cheered on by a friendly character as you bump objects away.Fig 3.  A cheerful ally rewards your vigilance in bumping objects away.More objects fall faster when you choose Dreadful mode!

Fig 4. Defend against more objects falling faster in the Middling and Dreadful modes!

If you do not block falling objects, the children will suffer the consequences.Fig 5. Look out! If you don’t block objects, they will harm the wayward innocents.
Three hits, and it’s game over.

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