Swami Paws, or Why You Should Never Hire Cats as Interns

March 24th, 2010 § 0

Cats make terrible interns, we have discovered.

GOATCARTgames' feline intern Swami Paws asks if we would like to  have some "copieez" made.

Belay your scorn! We pretty much expected the new guy to be lazy, indolent, and reeking of self-entitlement. (That’s what you get when you pay your interns in Friskies.) And when he insisted that everyone start calling him, “Swami Paws, Master of the Unseen“? Honestly, it’s not the most eccentric behavior to happen around here. (Ahem.)

But we never suspected that lurking under his uniquely-proportioned exterior was this abomination – now in the App Store!  Srsly. 4 reelz! LOLwut?!1!

Penguin Angel Featured on The Spiel Podcast

March 24th, 2010 § 0

Penguin Angel was recently featured in the News and Notes segment of The Spiel!

The Spiel, a podcast about games and the people who love them

The Spiel is a weekly podcast about games. They focus on boardgames of all kinds, but the guys occasionally cover video games and game-related apps when they find ones they really like. (Thanks, Stephen and Dave!)

Check out Episode 98 here. The podcast is available as a download in regular and enhanced versions. Or, subscribe to The Spiel in iTunes here.

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