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Penguin Angel

Screenshot of gameplay in PENGUIN ANGEL game for iPhone from GOATCARTgames

Protect wayward penguins from doom falling from the sky! A cavalcade of peculiar penguins has escaped from The London Zoo and is wandering the dangerous streets. The weather has been acting up, and all manner of curiosities have been raining from the heavens. It’s up to you, their guardian angel, to keep the penguins safe!Title banner for PENGUIN ANGEL game for iPhone from GOATCARTgames

  • Distinctive Victorian gothic aesthetic
  • Original nineteenth-century graphics
  • Fortean-inspired gameplay
  • Intuitive, tilt-based controls
  • 3 difficulty levels and 19 different stages

Dressed in their best finery, the penguins have taken to the streets of Victorian London. Little do they realize that the day’s weather forecast calls for anomalous showers of curious objects. Frogs, bicycles, and a myriad of other objects tumble from the heavens towards the heads of unsuspecting penguins. Your task, as their guardian angel, is to block these objects before they hit the penguins!

You control the angel by tilting the iPhone or iPod Touch to push these hazards away from the penguins. The harder the difficulty, the more objects fall and more penguins you have to protect. Stay focused – if any penguin gets hit 3 times, it’s game over! Can you maintain a “Perfect” rating, with no penguins injured?

iPhone game icon with guardian angel

Angel Thy Guardian

Look familiar? This was our original launch title, deemed too intense for the App Store! It’s not actually that inflammatory. Really. Unless you’re Apple.

Read more about that here.

Protect wayward innocents against doom from above! You control a guardian angel who must prevent a miscellany of hazards from falling on a motley assortment of Victorian children. Original nineteenth-century graphics and curiosities give ANGEL THY GUARDIAN a decidedly Fortean flavor.  The gameplay, using tilt-based mechanics, is easy to pick up, while three levels of difficulty and progressive levels provide ongoing challenge for experienced players.

Take a look at more screenshots here.

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